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Process and Pricing

One thing I always tell people to think about once they have an inkling they want to do a video - start thinking about locations. Post, ask around. You never know what locations you have available around you for free or cheap.

Please note that every video is different, this is to help give a rough idea on the process/pricing / turn around time. 


It all starts with a song and the desire to put visuals to it. Pick your song, figure out if you have any ideas (it's OK not to have any), and reach out. Include whatever information you have. We get everything from ideas nearly fully developed to "which song out of these 3 is the best? No idea for a video". 


The basics are always:

  • Song length 

  • How many members of the band 

  • Themes of the song / lyrics

  • Any ideas - James Bond, Cults, It's sunny and happy, Witches, singer is isolated

  • Rough time frames

  • Budget 

If you want to do band footage + story stuff we can chat / call and develop ideas. While that's happening we'll want to narrow down potential locations.  Depending what video package you select we'll start on finding actors/props at this time.

We share this document on how to prepare for the band performance footage. We guide you during the filming process to get the best performances possible.

After filming we send stills from the shoot. During the editing process we send multiple versions of the video and incorporate feedback throughout.

We work with you on how best to release the video and promote your video. We share how to advertise the video and give guidance on what to exclude in the video to meet advertising guidelines. 


We offer videos at different pricing tiers. Also, we try to be musician friendly, we ask for $500 deposit to hold the date, then the final amount is due before we turn over the final video file. You can pay in whatever increments work for you. 

  1. The we handle everything for you option (most expensive), Band + Story

    1. We send you ideas and develop the final treatment. You pick, we execute.​

    2. Ideally a 2 month lead time before filming.

    3. Examples: and

    4. Costs are dependent on costs necessary for the video

    5. Starts at $5,000

  2. You handle, we film. Band + Story

    1. We can work on the idea together but you handle finding and paying for the locations, actors, ​props, etc.

    2. You get two filming days 

    3. Examples: and

    4. Starts at $2500

  3. You handle, we film. Band footage only

    1. A day of filming, you pay for the location

    2. Quickest lead time, turn around time on final edit

    3. Examples:

    4. Starts at $2000

  4. Green screen videos. Whatever you want​

    1. These are easy to film, but take much longer in post. Expect a 2 month turn around time.​

    2. Examples: and

    3. Because they're so time consuming - $4000 if you have a deadline. $2000 if you don't have a deadline.

    4. Or we film and you have someone else do the editing - $600

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