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Camera gear

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I always get asked what camera gear I use.

BlackMagic Pocket 4k! It's a beast and the best!

The 6K pocket had a HUGE price drop recently is now under $2000.

Lenses - Rokinon Lenses are some of the best bang for your bucks.

This 14mm is AWESOME and great for big band shots.

The 35mm is a classic lense for a reason.

Neewer jib - $100

Orion Jib:

I love this tripod - it's cheap but is fully featured and has held up incredibly well under crazy circumstances:

For focusing I LOVE the Nucleus-Nano:

I use this on Jason Rising and all sorts of music videos.

I recently started building out the BlackMagic Video Assist as more of a Director's tool so I snagged a SmallRig cage and these handles:

Here's the cage (I got one with a SunHood):

(This site contains affiliate links - you don't get charged extra but I get a tiny commission. I only post links to things I believe in and actively use.)

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