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Getting started with music videos - Camera talk

Hi all!

I wanted to talk about how to make music videos. It's gonna be a big topic so it'll be in a few blog posts.

The first question everyone asks is "What camera do you use?" We currently use the Blackmagic Pocket 4K cameras.

The Blackmagic Cameras can shoot 12bit RAW video via USB-C - a game changer! We can shoot crazy high quality footage on SSDs (I recommend the Samsung T5s). The BMPCC4Ks have an amazing menu system, camera UI is perfect, phenomenal color, and does great in low light. Plus it comes with the full version of DaVinci Resolve! Cons? No autofocus or IBIS (image stabilization).

Prior to that I was using the Nikon D850 - I still use the Nikon for gear review videos, wedding photos, etc.

The D850 is a full frame DSLR - one of the last flagship mirrorless cameras from Nikon. It produces a STUNNING image - I love the colors of the Nikon D850. The footage is only 8bit - which honestly it took me 5 years of shooting video before I could spot the difference between 8bit and 10bit.

Take a look at the Pocket 4K in action on Jason Rising!

But honestly - you can get great results with your phone and Filmic Pro. But that's not what you want to hear - so let's talk some of the current best of breed cameras for the price. I already mentioned two killer cameras above.

Panasonic GH5. Beautiful image with killer features like IBIS (image stabilization), LOG, and nice autofocus. Not the best in low light.

Sony a7s II. Amazing autofocus, killer low light capabilties. Bad menu system, SLOG/colors aren't as good as Canon/Nikon/Blackmagic.

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