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Learning new skills during the "downtime" - Color Grading

Ah Portland. My home. But I've never seen the sky that color here. Have you? Is it magic? Is it 2020 acting up more? NO! It's me using movie magic (different than normal magic) to change it. Here's the original:

It was boring. Normal. But then I made it HOLLYWOOD. How? Color grading!

It's been a goal of mine to dig deeper on color grading to help push my video work to a better level. I felt like I was pretty good but sometimes I'd run across shots I wanted to tweak but lacked that next level down.

So I signed up for Denver Riddle's Color Grading Central class.

I love it.

Here's a basic one that I was messing with. It was originally too blue.

You'll never guess what I changed on this one:

Or this one: (Hint, Alyx isn't SheHulk)

But here's one I struggled with. Shot at the beautiful Wilde Studios I struggled like hell on a few shots to find a good white balance. Adjust on the wall and it throws the other colors out of whack. Now? This is before:

This is after.

So yeah. Learning. I'm pretty excited.

You picking up any new skills?

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