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Filming: Vintersea

Vintersea is an Oregon based metal band of the black metal/melodic death metal/prog/ and technical metal variety. The singer, Avienne, is from Malaysia, and oh yeah, I play bass in the band!

Vintersea - Befallen

We released 4 highly successful music videos off of Vintersea's first album and once album 2 was nearing completion we knew we had to step up the music video game.

I created a google doc "look book" for three of the videos - and for Befallen I thought I was dreaming big by using photos the Satsop Nuclear Plant in Elma, WA. Holy crap we made it happen.

Booking Satstop

Satsop made it pretty easy to book - I worked with two people and got the insurance requirements, booked the date, and made it happen. Satsop is about 2.5 hours away from Portland located in the very beautiful Elma, WA.

The plant was about 75% complete before running out of money. It's costly to tear down so they figure out other ways to make money off of it. Read more here:


We filmed in the reactor room, tunnel room, and cooling tower #2 - the one that was completed. We had to shoot with fish eye lenses to truly capture the epic scale of the cooling tower.

  • Fun Fact The drone wouldn't work in the cooling tower because there was too much interference.

  • Fun Fact The cooling tower we filmed at was 5 or 6 floors off the ground and had a crazy walk way from the ground stairs up to the base level of the cooling tower. It was quite the workout.

  • Fun Fact The natural reverb of the cooling tower was incredible - lots of YouTube videos about it - but the reactor room was just as jaw dropping.

  • Fun Fact Transformers 4 had some scenes filmed in the same reactor room we used.

Watch below!

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