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Utilizing AI in music videos

I recently had the pleasure to collaborate with Dawn of Ouroboros on two music videos.

We did something I haven't done before - the band used Midjourney AI to generate concept art which we then tried to match. You can see that here:

Velvet Moon

First up - dual colored smoke flooding the frame.

And here's a still from the video.

We had a few Enola Gaye smoke grenades but the wind make capturing these shots really hard. It just wouldn't cooperate. Thankfully we managed to get the shots we wanted, including a rad shot of the smoke flooding the screen which we used for the ending shot.

Tony of Dawn had a vision of paint splashed hands matching the color theme we were going for.

These were interesting to capture properly as the paint was reacting to UV light and we probably could have used a wee bit more. But Tony was most excellent as our hand model and with some film grain and choppy editing I was quite pleased with the end result.

One of the most striking images Tony generated for video was a woman laying in purple and pink sand. How do we capture THAT?

Tony bought huge amounts of fine powder. We tarped the ground and tried to be careful as possible so the colors didn't cross contaminate.

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