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Toxic Zombie - Going Viral

It is not a joke!  April 1st Toxic Zombie’s new album - Going Viral - drops!  Both fans of punk AND metal can easily appreciate it - especially considering how catchy and fun everything is.


When I think of Toxic Zombie I think of horror punk. This album is fun. The lyrics and melody are a unique blend of bloody stories and hooks for days.  Fun guitar solos, tons of guitar antics.  


You’ll want to buy this album!  Here’s a few songs to highlight/explore.

Growing Up Monsters

Smashing Pumpkins meets Misfits, great feel, instantly catchy.  Guitar harmonics, solo, all super catchy. The background vocals are layered perfectly, kept catching myself listening for the super low voice in that.  Song is fun and a great album opener.

Dead Sexy

Opens with a solo, super fast paced.  Right into the first verse, there’s no playing around.  Another fun song.  

Stranger Things

Yes, it’s about  the show.  It’s the first music video off the album, really fun song, great lyrics, and opens with synths from the show.  Crank it up 11!  

Going Viral

T. O. X. I. C. Zombie.  Much like the song title, this song could go viral.  That chorus of toxic spelled out is killer.  Do you want and need this?  Yes, yes, you do.  Trying listening to this song and not wanting to chant along with the band.  

Let it burn

Chorus is “Let’s set the world on fire” - catchy.

Embrace the horror

“You wanna play a game?” Fun song telling a slasher story.  Great build up to the chorus.  Epic song.  


In short - buy it!  Each song is well crafted and has incredible performances throughout.