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About Us

We started HotKarlProductions to make killer music videos for Portland artists. Video work spread quickly and spilled out of Oregon. We also branched out to multiple styles of videos including commercials for The House of Shadow and MAKING A MOVIE -  Jason Rising.

Every video is different.  Get in touch with us if you want to get that visual element to help boost your band.  We do everything from writing the video's story to executing someone else's vision and everything in between.  

Karl Whinnery is a musician and plays in Vintersea (M Theory) and Ligature Marks. Karl has been making videos under the HotKarlProductions banner for over four years. Prior to that he worked with other companies making short films and music videos. Karl brings a unique energy to all aspects of the project.

Freddy Heath Freddy Heath is an accomplished videographer, photographer, and chef.  Freddy hosts weekly screen writing groups and has filmed numerous short films and music videos.  One of his strengths is improving stories by getting at the motivations behind the story, the idea the band is hoping to put forward.  You'll enjoy working with Freddy as much as I do.

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