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Dead Animal Assembly Plant Sign with Armalyte Industries

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

So! Some great news! My friends in DAAP got signed! We've collaborated on three epic music videos - the 3rd hopefully coming out in May or June. They've been relentlessly touring and putting on epic shows. Portland, OR has watched them grow into a machine regularly packing out shows and putting on some insane and intense live performances.

What makes them so good?

The DAAP crew has vision and puts thought into everything. Every video we've done together is planned and we've scrapped ideas that don't make the cut. They have integrity and aren't afraid to put in the work and dig deeper and pull out that rawness.

Every time we talk about working on a new video I can't wait - I know it's going to be amazing. It's been like that since day one with them. They're also great partners and collaborate - they're able to pull a team out of strangers and bring their vision to life.

Zach, their vocalist is the idea guy. He also does amazing lyrics, costuming, etc. Rebecca, their guitarist, is an amazing artist and designs their own shirts, most flyers, and lots of the costuming. Jason, drums, is an expert welder and builds some crazy things - the sword in the new video, Zach's weapon of a microphone stand, and more. Eric, now guitars (was drums), is a sick riff and song writer. He also brings the sexy. Nick, bass, is an amazing photographer. They have so much talent in one band.

DAAP's look is reflective of their entire process - it's inspiring and nuts all at the same time. It's creative and destructive. I love it. They've bought costumes and masks, made their own costumes and masks, and are original. They aren't following any else's play book or looking at another artist and copying their image or ideas.

They're a cut above and it shows. Please cheers them on and look forward "A violent breed" blowing minds when it comes out.


From the Dead Animal Assembly Plant slaughterhouse....


We are extremely excited to announce that our next album "Bring Out The Dead" will be released on the rad label Armalyte Industries (home of such legendary artists like PIG ,Chris Connelly , Cubanate.) celebrate this we (Armalyte and DAAP) decided to provide our first single "A Violent Breed" for free this Sunday!!! Join our live stream for details on how/where to get the single. We are working with them to lock down a date for the full album, but with this current pandemic a lot is up in there air. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the free single! Tracks include: A Violent Breed Cabinet of Curiosities (previously unreleased instrumental) Death and Taxidermy (previously unreleased instrumental) Artwork - Rebecca Wager

Our first video together:

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