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Set building

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

So one recent thing I’ve found is that I actually like making sets / things for music videos. I picked this up on the set of Jason Rising and realized I could apply it to music videos.

I never really had time before but with the pandemic there’s been alittle relief occasionally.

I wanted to build a wall with a window and shine light through it with color gels and have candles on the wall. So I called up my brother Josh and during lunch at work we mocked it up. This is me testing the placement of the window.

We were filming at least three people with this setup including someone who is 6ft 8. 😳

Here’s Josh putting the wood slats on it.

And then it goes up for paint. Also ignore all the wood in the yard. 😅. I’ve been tearing down a previous project.

I wanted the wall to look old so I let some things bleed through the paint and added some extra goodies on cameras.

My wife helped me move it into the garage.

It was not easy. 😅

It’s 7.5ft tall. Just enough to be really awkward.

Probably doesn’t look that cool, right ?

And here’s a sample test - pretty cool but not quite there.

And candles!!!

Looking pretty good!! The Dracast light there is set to 3100 kelvin and has an orange gel on it. It adds such a nice highlight.

And now it’s time to film. My brother from another mother, Freddy, wasn’t able to make this Vintersea video shoot. (He’s been on 99% of the Vintersea videos!)

BUT! We had help. Like from everyone. Josh helped film at other locations but then everyone filmed. Avienne, Jeremy, Riley, Sherri, and I’m probably forgetting someone. Oh and me.

Here’s Candice helping Avienne into the Flycam rig.

Quick back of the camera picture. Super digging the results!

More photos:

Avienne using my setup - Xeen 35mm or 20mm with a Metabones Speedbooster going into the amazing Blackmagic Pocket 4K camera. CoreEdge battery.

And here’s Riley using the 2nd Blackmagic Pocket 4K with the Sirui 35mm anamorphic lens. It’s pretty dreamy - more on that lens later.

Here’s some stills. I made some changes for Jorma’s takes - added some practial lights in front and put the cross in the window.

Love their Balaguer archetype 7 strings.

Jeremy smashing drums!

Quick still of me:

Loving the Sirui here - you can see ghosting/flaring and I was really digging it.

I used cans of haze and some blasts of smoke to fog the room and make the lights pop more.

If I had another 3 ft of ceiling I could have used the ARRI 1ks and created more of a shaft of light but I was really happy with the results.

Watch the video here:

How would you have approached this?

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