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Making Ligature Mark's "Fell for Fiction"

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

5/5 we release the new Ligature Marks music video. Filmed by Karl Whinnery, Freddy Heath, and Gabe Johnston.

We filmed the band footage at Falcon Recording studios. We used Edison bulbs to get a nice orange/yellow hue. I wanted something that looked intimate and brought you closer to our performance.

Freddy and Gabe shot it. Gabe records us so it was fun to get him on the video side of the aisle as well. They both crushed it. Freddy used the original Blackmagic Pocket Camera with essentially a 70mm lens. We normally shoot WIDE - this led to a tigher and more focused look.

After I finished editing the band performance we loved it but knew it needed story footage. After a brain storming session or two we always kept coming back to the line, "we collect what the wind blows in". To me that line has so much feel and meaning and depth to it. We landed on a seance and Ben finding ghosts.

Here's Freddy checking lighting:

Helen from Freddy's screen writing group came out and helped so much. Here she is pulling focus on a shot.

Ben decorated his house all nice and cozy for this. It looked great. The ghosts were there in each shot and no green screen. In my infite wisdom I thought that would be a better way to do it. It ended up severely limiting what effects I could do.

I'm excited for the video to come out and can't wait for people to see it.

Go to for more information on the band.

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